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This site contains a multitude of valuable information about the identification and data capture industry. Throughout the site you have access to information on all technologies covered under the umbrella of identification and data capture. These technologies include, but are not limited to: bar code, radio frequency identification, biometrics, voice recognition, and smart cards.

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News & Notes

GS1 recently released a document titled "The Business Case for GS1 DataBar. The document is an overview of the efforts of the task force that created it and contains the task force business case review, highlights implementation issues, and details a road map. Click here to read the document.

RFID World Demands Jury Trial for Patent Infringement Against Wal-Mart and other major companies. Click here to see request.


RFID leaders ADT/Tyco Fire & Security, Alien Technology, Impinj, Symbol Technologies and Xterpriseexamine the myths associated with UHF for item-level RFID applications,and the physics and real-world tests and implementations that disprove them. Click here to read their white paper.


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